The Simpsons – Springfield: Are there any cheats or hacks for Simpsons Springfield Tapped Out

Are there any cheats or hacks for Simpsons Springfield Tapped Out

The Simpsons Springfield build-up game enjoys great popularity. But without donuts you can’t make any progress in the game. Good thing there are generators for free donuts on the net, right? Not at all. The use of such hacks and cheats is dangerous. Are there any cheats or hacks for Simpsons Springfield Tapped Out?

The Simpsons have lost none of their fascination over the years. EA has now also given the yellow characters a mobile game. The construction hit “The Simpsons: Springfield” now has over 50 downloads in the Google Play Store alone.

In the game, you build your own Springfield and need donuts to make it grow and prosper. You can use them to accelerate actions or buy rare buildings, characters and decorations. You can earn donuts or purchase them via in-app purchases. However, there are also various providers on the Internet that promise generators for free donuts.

Watch out for donuts generators

Generators that promise free donuts are circulating on the web. In fact, the tools only want to grab your data and your money. (Source: Screenshot)

That sounds tempting. But caution is advised: We are NOT aware of any working hack for The Simpsons -Springfield. Often, these offers are dubious sites that want to lure you into a subscription trap. In addition, there is a risk of phishing, since the providers of the sites collect personal data such as the player’s name, cell phone number, and so on.

Usually, in order to receive free donuts, you have to register in a tool with your Simpsons username and your phone number. It is also often required that you download a certain app to prove that you are a human being.

Other generators require a download to your PC or smartphone. Here, there is a risk of catching malware with the generator. A good virus protection is therefore essential when using the generator.

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